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The Post-Festival Guide



While other journalists and, yes, even our good selves are giving you advice on what to do before and during a festival, there is nothing said about what to do when you return home, stinking, shell shocked and sweaty. Well, we at Downtuned Dot Net will fill you in with this handy list.

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The DT Festival Guide


Festivals Music Downtuned

Finally, the sun is shining, which means it must be festival season. All across the land, students are updating their FB status to tell you just how AMAAAAAAAZING Download is gonna be because NIN are on, only to change it to inform you how awesome Def Leppard were when they get back. Bestival go-ers are packing their pickernick baskets, and the interminable hordes of morons who spent £100 on a Glasto ticket BEFORE THEY ANNOUNCED WHO WAS PLAYING are polishing their finest paisley patterned wellies.

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