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Nerdcore UK!



Nerdcore – the geeky offshoot of rap and hiphop, more concerned with witches and trolls than bitches and hoes – where the size of your RAM is far more important than the size of your gun has thus far been a very American institution. But things change.

Thanks to a man named  Milk Plus and the homeless of London (yes, really) The UK now has a Nerdcore scene to call it’s own.

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List: Top 10 Nerdcore Rap Tracks



Nerdcore Rap s a fairly new and unexplored genre. For those unaware of its charms, I shall help you out with a handy metaphor. It’s NWA, if they didn’t rap about shooting people and instead rapped about Dungeons & Dragons, computer programming and science.


But quite strange.

But we at Downtuned think Nerdcore deserves a wider audience. Because, at least this reviewer’s mind, it’s quite good. So – for your enjoyment – the top 10 Nerdcore rap tracks EVER. (With embedded videos). In no order.

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