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NewsGush: Calvin Harris Rages On Twitter


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Half Man Half Biscuit once sang:

It’s a bad review, we got a bad review …oh Lord
It’s a bad review – wotta we gonna do? …oh Lord
I can’t walk down the street ‘cos other groups I might meet, and they’ll smirk
Oh, it’s a rum old do, is a bad review …oh Lord
And my girlfriend’s fuming

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10 People You Meet At Gigs – But Don’t Want To.



Gigs! They’re great! Everybody gets together to enjoy music in a wonderful, idyllic scenario where there is nothing but love and understanding. Everyone is there for one purpose – to have a good time with an awesome soundtrack. What could be better!?

Yeah right.

Gigs are a sweaty mess of idiocy fulled by overpriced booze and a sense that if you aren’t having the best time – the only solution is to drink MORE. Dance MORE. It looks like someone on the left is having a better time than you DANCEDRINK! It’s loud, smelly, and for some reason you are joined by some of the worst people in the entire world – who inexplicably have the same taste in music as you. And you can’t escape from them. These are those people.

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Just a Thought: Thom Yorke Honours Harry Patch


Thom Yorke Harry Patch World War Two

Before I left my flat this morning there was a repeated extract of a speech given by the late Harry Patch – the last survivor of the Great War – on Radio 4. Apparently, Thom York of Radiohead heard it and wrote a song in its honour.

So far so good.

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Ben & Jerrys’ Sundae – The Human League


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The rise of the middle-class semi-festival is confusing for the hardened gig-goer. I’d been made explicitly aware that denim cut-offs with ‘Motorhead’ stenciled on the back and the usual gallon container of home-brew would not be required, so was at something of a loss regarding to how to prepare. Undaunted, I strapped on my finest gig-going hat (a stetson) and approached Clapham Common with trepidation, with initial misgivings amplified on the way by the presence of hoards of sundress-clad children and a large helter-skelter (being used by staff from the ‘unsigned bands review’)

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Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer


Sunset Rubdown Spencer Krug Dragonslayer Music Review

Sunset Rubdown are a confusing prospect. Where a good rock band will make you wait an age – all the way till the finale – before they deign to make that riff you’ve been hearing in your head throughout manifest itself, Sunset Rubdown will throw it in after five seconds. They’ll then become bored and crash, far too early on, into one of three separate and distinct choruses before unsettling you with what you thought was a coda before it just happened, carelessly, to morph into a new version of the first verse. They’re a dazzlingly fidgety bunch.

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