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Frankmusik – Confusion Girl


At my school – an all boy type institution – you fell into one of three camps. You might have been an indie-loving sort – rubbish at football and with enormous sideburns to prove you didn’t care about sport. You could’ve been a games-lesson-loving trendy with your facial furniture shaved to the ear so that not a single wisp of sidie adorned your non-hippy head. Or, finally, you may have been a ‘grebo’ – a metaller who broke all the rules and grew hair long, neatly trimming undergrowth with a devastating operation called an undercut – a number one or two all the way around the area below your scalp.

Mr Frank Musik, it seems, is stuck somewhere between these three schoolboy stages.

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JLS – Beat Again


JLS are lovely lads, I’m sure, but is this the best their team could come up with after their X Factor semi-success? You’d expect more marketing expertise from such a vigorously relentless machine than the release of one of the least remarkable singles of the year. It sounds so late 90s – a time when boybands were already starting to go out of fashion – that it gives me flashbacks to being 20 years old, drunk, incapable of getting up to turn off Top Of The Pops.

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Throbbing Gristle – Live at Heaven, London


Genesis P'Orridge, Throbbing Gristle, Music, Industrial

Throbbing Gristle were formed by Genesis P’Orridge and Cosey Fan Tutti in 1975 amid the soon-to-be disbanded art performance movement COUM Transmission which P’Orridge founded in 1969. Having opened for Hawkwind and after impressing John Peel, they recorded their first album in 1977 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Well not really.

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Abner Jay: True Story of Abner Jay


The True Story Of Abner Jay

Every time Portland’s Mississippi Records release a new vinyl side you just know that it’s going to be a killer, but they’ve really outstripped themselves with the magnificent True Story of Abner Jay. Abner Jay was the self-described philosopher, lecturer, composer, author, singer, bone-player and one man band who played to audiences in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia – and all over the USA –  for almost 50 years.

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Jack Penate – Be The One


If ever you wanted proof of the pernicious effect of London on the cultural life of the nation, Jack Penate is it. In any other town in the country, Penate would be condemned to a life of spirit crushing toilet venue anonymity until he finally jacked it in and got a job in a call centre instead.

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