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In New Music The BBC Trust


What is the sound of 2011?

BBC’s sound of 2011 is quite a big deal in the world of music and deservedly so, not only does it allow new music to have its chance at throwing the charts into disarray, but it determines what you will be being smacked in the ears with for the rest of the year when you listen to the radio, go to clubs, bars, and when you tune into the fucking X-Factor, you know you do, you corporate bastard.

This year the BBC mixed things up by allowing the presenters of the ‘In New Music We Trust’ shows to take over the daytime schedule with Zane Lowe announcing the top 5 artists over the course of the week. Cleverly the BBC have got themselves a built in audience of those who regularly tune in to be educated by the likes of Zane and Huw and those who expected Chris Moyles to be dishing out his personal brand of morning coffee with way too much sugar. Read More »

Become A Musical Legend!


JAm Legend

It’s hard out there for the independent artist. Let’s face it, today’s kids are way too busy destroying Nazi Robots or playing Wii golf to listen to actual music, and music games have been limited to the karaoke market with Rock Band and Guitar Hero; both great fun, but hardly likely to push the boundaries of musical discovery.

Until now – enter Jam Legend.

Jam Legend is a unique platform offering up-and-coming musos the chance to rise above the fug of X-Factor wannabes and autotune R&B slop by putting new music directly into the massive and largely untapped video game market.


Just visit the site, sign up and upload your tunes, and they’ll be instantly available to play, meaning artists get exposure and gamers get a massive, free catalogue of new music to conquer! Not to mention creating playable lists and sharing with friends/enemies via the facebook fan page, meaning JL has all the ingrediants to be absolutely massive.

Check out Jam Legend here.

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