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Presenting RjDj! With Added Interview Fun!



Has any real innovation in music production happened in the last few years? Sure, it’s got simpler, to the point where any Tom, Dick or Harry can create something on a home computer. Unfortunately it is mostly Dick being produced. And making things simpler isn’t innovation per say, it’s simplification. People can’t do anything new, they can just do things better and cheaper.

Luckily there are people out there pushing the boundaries of music production. And pushing it into strange new directions. Those people are RjDj – and they’ve produced an augmented reality music app.  I can attempt to explain what that means (and probably get it completely wrong), but I can go one better and have got Robert Thomas – a Reactive Music Producer from RjDj explain it to you!

Hey Rob, can you explain what exactly RjDj is?

RjDj is an iPhone and Andoid application which enables reactive music. This is a way of experiencing music which changes with what you are doing, how you are moving, the sounds around you can be part of it – even where you are on earth or what time of day or night it is.

Also, here is a video, because video explanations are ace.

Who came up with the idea? What was the inspiration behind it?

Michael Breidenbrucker founded RjDj, and had the initial ideas for it in 2001 but felt that the technology and market wasn’t ready yet. In the meantime he co-founded Last.fm. He then came back to the concepts of RjDj as devices like the iPhone became available and it was possible to run that kind of software in your pocket to control music in this way.

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