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Warp20 – A Retrospective Chosen by the Fans


Over the 20 years of its existence, you could accuse Warp Records of being many things – singular, bloody-minded, wilful, arrogant even – but populist is definitely not something that you could have leveled at the influential indie.

As a label, Warp has always ploughed its own furrow, danced to the beat of its own 808 etc… Which is why the label founder (I presume it was he) Steve Beckett’s decision to open up the choice of the tracklisting for the label’s 20th anniversary retrospective album to something as mundane and populist as a public vote was so baffling – I wouldn’t even trust the general public to decide what trousers I was going to wear on a night out. The Warp of old would have just chosen 20 tracks, slapped them on a CD (exquisitely-packaged, naturally), lovingly flicked its fans the V-sign and been done with it.

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Squarepusher: Solo Electric Bass 1


I’d rather listen to human nails being dragged down a blackboard on a loop than an entire album of Tom ‘Squarepusher’ Jenkinson’s slap bass improvisations, but guess which one Warp Records has decided to release? I’ll give you a clue. It’s not Nails Down the Blackboard: Volume One. Instead, Tom’s ‘excursions as a solo bass virtuoso’ are being immortalised on the forthcoming album, ‘Solo Electric Bass 1′*.

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