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Fever Ray Accepts Award. WTF Is The Best Description.



Repost from the ever kickass Watch With Mothers

With the 2010 Brits on the horizon, there’s a sudden rush of awards ceremony nostalgia going around. Brit Hits on ITV last Friday was a fine example of how to celebrate all that is stolid, tedious and uninventive about an awards ceremony – a show that even managed to roll its eyes at the brilliance of Jarvis Cocker mooning a supposedly messianic Michael Jackson back in the 90s.

So it falls to Fever Ray – solo artist and one half of Swedish electro weirdos The Knife – to set the standard on how to upset, bemuse or get people talking at awards ceremonies the moment you move towards the stage. Be warned, the Youtube clip, below, is very, very strange.

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Newsgush: Vote Pirate!



Following in the footsteps of the file-share crazy Swedes, a UK version of The pirate Party has been launched and is now recognised as a legitimate political entity.

Although not likely to win the next general election they can certainly bring some attention to the frankly idiotic and draconian copyright laws still in existence.

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