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Bang Your Head for..Jesus??


One day, long after man has departed for the stars, we’ll gert tired of posting up stupid Slayer cut n’ pastes…but not today I’m afraid.

Live: Overkill – O2 Academy, Islington


As is now traditional, piss-poor directions see at least one DT reviewer introducing himself to the entire UK beatbox championship upstairs before finally hooking up with the rest of the Downtuned school trip in the bar downstairs for Overkill’s annual classic thrashathon .

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Ted Maul, The Defiled & Bloodshot Dawn @ Finns Weymouth



Never let it be said that we only cover gigs in London. We find ourselves on the South Coast in a pub where it cost only £1 to see Death Metal in a multitude of forms, drinking jagermeister and avoiding a pair of dudes who seem to have got naked for some reason.

First up are Hampshire’s Bloodshot Dawn. They play something between deathcore, thrash and techy death metal, or at least I think they do, because missing their second guitarist, plagued by technical issues and (at the risk of sounding like sound quality wanker) having a bloody godawful mix, it’s hard to tell. I’d like to give them a proper review, but it would be unfair to judge them on this performance, because this was a shambles.

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