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Newsgush: Slow Club Go Viral


Ohhh…Slow Club, you clever buggers. With your fringe and your stubble and your summer-y, inoffensive indie and your deliberate attempt to bait us music bloggers with your viral shenanigans. Simply by mentioning the uses of a video nowadays – within the video for Trophy Room – YouTube and seen once at stupid o’clock on MTV 7 – and the potential to go viral you’ve hooked us.

Can we make your video go viral? Not sure. There arn’t any cats, or dance routines so possibly not. But we’ll try. Why? I don’t know. I’ve been confuddled by the messaging.

Subtle, clever bastards.

Newsgush: Raygun Become Internet Punching Bag. We Join In.


What you see above is a band who are either very, very clever or monumentally thick. Thick to the point of non-functional. So thick, in fact, that they cease to function as normal humans and simply begin to mill around making grunting noises, dribbling and, in this lots’ case, styling their hair.

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