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Prince Gets Slain By A Toddler


Prince calls out a 2 year old

Every time a story emerges about Prince, it seems almost impossible not to feel a bit of hatred towards the annoying midget singer. Yes he might have graced the world with a few catchy pop songs, but Christ is he a complaining prick who spits his dummy out all the time when things don’t quite go his way. Boo hoo indeed Mr. Prince. Do you want us to get you some crayons so you can go squiggle another stupid symbol across your head?

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Newsgush: Accordians Declared Cool


Sometimes I worry I’m out of touch with modern music. Guitar Hero leaves me pretty cold for starters, and I still can’t tell the difference between Kanye and Soulja boy – mainly because I have no desire to – but I was fairly sure even an ageing fuddy duddy like me could count on accordians never becoming cool…

Seriously, what the hell is going on with kids today?

Newsgush: Boostalk Releases Greatest Rap Video Of All Time!


He’s gon be the numba wun hustla, but he don’t get no respec from his ho’s yo. DT thinks it knows why, but far be it from us to comment on the greatest Hip Hop video of all time, from surely-soon-to-be-massive rap-leprechaun Boostalk.

Newsgush: Slow Club Go Viral


Ohhh…Slow Club, you clever buggers. With your fringe and your stubble and your summer-y, inoffensive indie and your deliberate attempt to bait us music bloggers with your viral shenanigans. Simply by mentioning the uses of a video nowadays – within the video for Trophy Room – YouTube and seen once at stupid o’clock on MTV 7 – and the potential to go viral you’ve hooked us.

Can we make your video go viral? Not sure. There arn’t any cats, or dance routines so possibly not. But we’ll try. Why? I don’t know. I’ve been confuddled by the messaging.

Subtle, clever bastards.

Newsgush: Slipknot Go Disney


More excellent remixing, dubbing, mashing up or whatever monkeying around with a video for the LULZ is called these days.

This time it takes the form of angry teenager’s favourite band Slipknot having their song ‘Wait and Bleed’ covered in the style of the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus or whatever other terrifying future popstar the House Of Mouse has grown in a vat. Kudos goes to YouTube user Andy Rehfeldt who has a nice line in metal mash up videos.

Cue teenagers with parental issues crying ‘blasphemy’ in the comment box, and everyone else having a good giggle.

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